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Physio Therapy Department

The Physiotherapy department serves patients referred from OPD and Inpatients of the Institute.

The Department consists of the following staff

Core Services Provided

  1. Patient care services & Specialized Assessments
  2. Teaching / Training
  3. Research

Patient care services & Specialized assessment

A Therapeutic program is planned for both- inpatients and outpatients after a thorough Physical Evaluation carried out in the following sections as per the nature of intervention required.
  1. Pain Management Section
  2. Adult & Restorative Therapy Section
  3. Biomechanics & Gait Training Section
  4. Pediatrics Section

Pain Management Section

Patients are advised physiotherapy modalities from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation OPD In the section a detailed Physiotherapy Evaluation including subjective and objective assessment is done. The Physiotherapy programme is tailor made to the patients needs. It includes patient education,ergonomic advice, physical agents and specific exercises.

Adult & Restorative Therapy Section

Adults with Neuromotor conditions such as Stroke, Traumatic brain damage, Spinal cord injuries, progressive Neuro-Muscular disorders, etc. are assessed and need based goal setting is done in multidisciplinary clinics headed by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist.Customized physiotherapeutic interventions are selected and implemented keeping in mind the set goals. Post operative therapeutic programme aiming at restoration of function is supported by specialized assessment and training.Therapy to long term in-patients is given in the exercise hall attached to the wards.

Biomechanics & Gait Training Section

Observational assessment of gait of persons with disabilities and biomechanics of gait and movement function with or without appliances are analysed specially with respect to choice of suitable appliance and its usage. Therapeutic exercises are used prior to training for improvement of gait and movement function.

Pediatrics Section

Children with orthopaedic and neuromotor deficits are evaluated and therapeutic interventions are planned aiming at maximal functional independence including training with aids & appliances whenever necessary. Parents are also involved in the therapeutic management of the children and advised carryover of functional training at home as well as donning and doffing, and care of aids & appliances. In addition, the Physiotherapy department staff is a part of team for all outreach programs conducted by the Institute where Physiotherapy services are required, such as –

Disability camps and Rehabilitation camps. Specialized Assessments The following specialized assessments are done in Physiotherapy department, which form a baseline for therapy and various other interventions

  1. Instrumented Gait Analysis
  2. Pulmonary Function Tests
  3. Isokinetic Testing
  4. Instrumented Balance Assessment
  5. Exercise tolerance Testing and Spirometry
  6. Disability Assessment
  7. Electrophysiological studies

Teaching / Training

  1. Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT)Post-graduate Degree course of 2 years duration affiliated to MUHS, Nashik. Student intake - 6 per year
  2. Fellowship course in Rehabilitation Physiotherapy affiliated to MUHS Nasik. Student intake -10 per year


Research is conducted in the Department on a regular basis. The University approved teachers are guides for the various Research projects conducted and submitted to the University. Scientific papers based on the same are presented in National Level conferences. Some of the areas of research are
  1. Effect of Physiotherapeutic measures in various Neuro-Musculo Skeletal disordrrs
  2. Balance Assessment and Training in various in normal aging population as well as persons with Neuro-Musculo Skeletal disordrs
  3. Gait Analysis
  4. Therapeutic Biofeedback
  5. Studies in quality of life in persons with disability