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Occupational Therapy Department

Occupational Therapy is the use of purposeful activity with individuals who are limited by Physical Injury or Illness, Psychosocial Dysfunction, development or learning disabilities, Poverty or Cultural differences or the aging process in order to maximize independence, prevent disability and maintain health.

Occupational Therapy Department is well equipped and comprises of highly qualified and motivated staff members comprising of

  1. Assessments
    • Gross and Fine Motor Assessment related to Developmental Stages.
    • Assessment for Impact of Sensory Issues on Performance.
    • Hand Function Assessment including Speed and Dexterity.
    • Evaluation of Independence in Activities of Daily Living(ADL) and Instrumental ADL.
    • Biomechanical and Ergonomic Assessment.
    • Assessment of Musculoskeletal and Cardio Respiratory status for Endurance and Strength.
    • Perceptual Evaluation.
    • Cognitive Evaluation.
    • Assessment for prescription of Appropriate Wheelchairs.
    • Assessment for prescription of Specialized Seating Devices and Mobility Aids.
    • Physical Capacity Evaluation for return to work.
    • Functional Capacity Evaluation for return to work.
    • Audit of Architectural Barriers affecting Access in home, Transportation Systems and at work.
    • Assessment of Oral Motor Functions.
    • Assessment for Disability Certification.

  2. Special Assessments
    • For Driving Certification for Physically Handicapped Drivers
    • Prevocational Assessment using standardized assessment batteries
    • Writing Ability Assessment using standardized assessment batteries
    • Fitness for Job Assessment
    • Certificate for Extra Time writer for S.S.C. and H.S.C. Students

  3. Interventions offered by this department include
    • Neurodevelopmental Therapy
    • Sensory Motor Play
    • Hand function Training
    • Splinting and Self help Devices Fabrication and Training.
    • Training in Activities of Daily Living
    • Bio feedback
    • Sensory Re- education
    • Postural Training and Ergonomic Advice
    • Strength and Endurance Training
    • Pre and Post Operative Therapy
    • Management of Perceptual and Cognitive Impairments
    • Assessment of the Handicapped Driver for Certification of Fitness for Driving.
    • Wheelchair Prescription and Training
    • Pre- prosthetic and Prosthetic Training
    • Prescription and Modification of Specialized Seating Devices and Mobility Aids.
    • Advice regarding Energy Conservation, Work Simplification and Joint Protection Techniques.
    • Physical Capacity Evaluation, Work Assessment and Simulation.
    • Architectural modifications within the home and workplace to ensure access to the handicapped person for reintegration into community
    The department participates as team member in the outreach services offered by the Institute such as medical camps.

  4. Special Interventions Offered
    • Advanced wheelchair skills training
    • Advanced equipment for mobilizing wrist & hand
    • Movement relearning through auto-suggestion.

  5. Advanced Technology services offered by the Department
    • Scar management using Silipose / Silicon Material
    • Myoelectric Prosthesis and Myotrainer Demonstration and Training.
    • Powered Wheelchair Training
    • Fabrication of Hand Splints using low temperature Thermoplastic and Neoprene Material.
    • Use of Computerised work simulation system for work related rehabilitation.

  6. Research Activities
    • Research is conducted in the Department on a regular basis. Research dissertations of postgraduate Students are guided by departmental faculty in addition to paper Presentations & Publications at National & International Level.

  7. Academic Activities
    • Department Conducts MOT(Masters in Occupational Therapy) teaching programme affiliated to MUHS Nashik. The Departments makes extensive use of standardized objective methods of assessment.